Jean Louis Domecq (1920-1983)

Jielde, the most rigid working lamp in the world.

1950: Tired of searching for a reliable and practical lamp to equip the machines in his workshop, Jean-Louis Domecq decides to design and construct his own lamp. A lamp that should perform well under heavy duty circumstances.

1951-52: Mr. Domecq spends 2 years to industrialize the production.

1953: There is demand for a lamp that meets high industrial requirements and the Jielde firm is established. The company name is derived from the initials of the designer, JLD.

1955: In the first brochure Jielde reveals details of his remarkable joint construction (1, 2, 3). The electricity is transported through the joints by an ingenious mechanism which eliminates the necessity of wires. In the first half of the previous century many accidents occurred due to breaking wiring, caused by the absence of durable synthetic insulation materials.

1961: The indestructible “Standard” (Socle Standard, Equerre, Bras, Bloc-Réflecteur, components), as the customers have begun to call it, leaves the Jielde workshop to equip more and more design department tables.

1987: The Loft Collection is created. By raising the look and feel of the original lamp to meet the standards of demanding modern consumers this new design line allows everyone to enjoy the industry inspired Jielde lighting objects in their home and work environments.

2001: The Jielde company is expanding to countries all over the world. Representatives in Europe and Japan have recently been joined by JieldeUSA, distributor for North America.

2006: Signal Collection is introduced as a smaller, colourful version, perfect for the home environment.

2010: Augustin is introduced and has quickly become part of the Jielde family, from the construction to the palette of colors available, this suspension comes in 4 sizes and will keep good company to the Loft or the Signal.

Jielde lamps are recognized to be iconics pieces of industrial French art they are hand made in Lyon, France with the same original gesture.